SEO Hosting with storage center

The topic of SEO hosting. The principle of SEO hosting is a rather complex matter and is underestimated by many webmasters. Today it is no longer sufficient only to host the websites on different IP networks, it should also have different domain owner, different name servers and different geographical locations to be the server. We go to catchy discussions with experts from the fact that Google can include all this information in the valuation of links.

It provides not only the pure SEO Hosting with storage center to the registration of domain names and the operation of domains on our nameservers and it makes a difference. If you still have questions, please contact us on this matter. We can answer to your request also different name server aliases are set up for you.

Hosting and Domains for clubs free

We at Speicherzentrum operate for more than 10 years a successful hosting and domain companies. We would like to say thank you to all our customers and partners for years of successful cooperation. As part of this we are happy to provide hosting and Internet addresses for clubs and charitable organizations free of charge.

You are responsible for a club, and you need hosting and / or Internet address. Speak to us directly via our contact form, we`d be very happy to help you any way we can.

We are happy to sponsor your internet address, your hosting or e-mail for your organization. We also like to accompany young companies who take their first steps with this and give you free hosting and domains.

What is SEO Hosting?

Internet agencies and SEOs often have to do the hosting of special claims. Claims like the simple hoster and hosting deals in many cases are not met. This includes the SEO hosting, which sometimes is called IP Hosting and Hosting where the customer has the opportunity to distribute their domains on different servers with different IP addresses, without having to use multiple hosting or hosting packages for this purpose. This special and tailored to SEOs and Internet agencies hosting solution offers as well as the hosting of sites. High prices do not have to be feared here, sometimes this solution can even be not only convenient but also cheaper when several hosters to use.

SEOs, dedicated blogger, portal operators with multiple pages and of course Internet agencies often have several active domains in its own portfolio. And often these domains are used for example for links to each other, for link exchange or for similar purposes in the field of online marketing. In this case, the host of all domains may prove under an IP address for various SEO measures as unfavorable. In many professional SEOs, agencies and portal operators a high IP is Pop (Popularity IP) asked and so different IP addresses are required for different projects. For this reason, these hosting customers access repeatedly to different hosters for their own domains. However, this makes the maintenance and management often complicated.

But there is an easier way, as it shows the known Hoster Speicherzentrum. Here SEOs and other users can access a special SEO hosting. Here is a quote that has long been economic in professional Internet marketers in America. In this Seo Hosting customers of SEO hosting company have the possibility the various domains to be able to switch addresses on different servers and IP. So this can easily be increased by the SEO hosting IP Pop’s own projects without the need for the detour via the use of different offers, different hosting needs to be done.

This service shines here in general especially with a light and uncomplicated administration and also with the advantage of a contact person or hosting company for several projects. But on the cost side, the SEO hosting have advantages. Again and again can also be achieved by bundling the cost optimization domains via SEO Hosting.

SEO hosting, penalty, English… Questions & Answers to niche sites

Frank asked:

I would be interested if you book for any niche site an extra webspace package or IP or they build it on existing webspace. Furthermore, if you ever choose a new template for your niche sites. I had this problem, I have constructed about 10 niche sites with a similar template and on the same IP, content or the themes were completely differently. The projects were all well maintained with WMT accounts. After almost 2 months I received a manual penalty with respect Thin content for all 10 projects. Do you have this experience? Looking forward to reply.

Your question touches on two topics that are not directly related.

Firstly, the question of whether I have all the niche site on a web space or not. This is not at all the case, as I have different tariffs and server hosting my sites and there a little distribute. But not for SEO reasons, but not to all sites and blogs in the failure of a hoster.

For SEO reasons, I believe such an approach to be not necessary, even if others swear by it. But the only safe thing is that they do not go on good content, but use SEO tricks.

Since we are already talking about the second topic, your penalty because of “thin content”. I assume that the penalty was not directly what to do with the fact that you had all the sites on one hosting account. Instead, Google will already have reasons to call your Content as “thin”. Apparently all 10 niche sites were not particularly high and perhaps linked with each other.

It may be that the fact that all were on a web space, Google has in its assessment reinforced, but the main reason it was not safe. I sometimes use different niche sites on a webspace and I have no trouble with Google.

Before you choose to blame IPs and web spaces, you should critically analyze whether Google with accusations of “thin content” is right and what you should do differently in the future.